What is Running of the Pinkys?

The annual Running of the Pinky’s is held at noon on Oak Street during the Marble Day Celebration.
A “Pinky” ball is a pink rubber ball that is used to resemble a marble for this fun event. Nearly
5,000 Pinky balls are dumped on Oak Street to meander their way down the street through a
series of obstacles, much like a giant marble contraption, in a race to the finish line!

The first 10 numbered balls that roll their way successfully to the bottom of the street win
    prizes. Anyone can sponsor a numbered Pinky Ball for $2.00, one-half of which is
donated each year to a local charity.
We are currently looking for an organization to receive the proceeds of our fundraiser.
Fill out this registration for consideration of your worthy organization.

Pinky balls can be sponsored in advance from This and That,
Interstate Federal Savings, Story Hair Salon, Chamber of Commerce,
City Hall, Uptown Image Salon, Moon Marble Company
or a Bonner Springs Arts Alliance member.
Balls can also be sponsored at Marble Day from 10:00 a.m. - Noon.

Pinky ball prizes are as follows:
1st place - $100 cash
2nd place - $70 cash
3rd place - $50 cash
        4-10 place – Items donated by local
      Bonner Springs businesses and attractions.

                                                Help us raise money for a worthy organization
                                                                and sponsor one or more
                                                                                Pinky Balls for $2.00 each!

The Annual Marble Day Celebration is a fun, family day celebrating
spring, marble games and activities and other old-fashioned
outdoor games and activities. Events and activities include a
tractor cruise, wacky parade, Running of the Pinkys,
mountain of hay bales, food vendors and other traditional
games & activities. It's a day full of smiles and fun, fun, fun!